The Power of HTML5

BackBee CMS' extensive use of HTML5 makes these features possible:

  • Saving data offline:

    Backbee Saves data and preferences off line, which reduces exchanges between the browser and server and makes the system more stable.
  • Real-time communication:

    Chat or share modifications with other contributors on line in real time.
  • Access to files, incremental uploads

    Access files directly from the HTML page; save page versions automatically.
  • Semantics and accessibility: 

    New tags enable more precision regarding container categories.

  • Multimedia, videos, graphics:

    Reads video and sound directly, without a player.
  • CSS3:

    Essential for integrating responsive Web design into the CMS, 
    allowing content to adapt to different screen resolutions, among other features.
  • Javascript and Ajax:

    Allow such features as saving drafts.