The Publication Process, Versioning and Nested Content

The Workflow component is responsible for all actions associated with content managed by BackBee CMS.
BackBee CMS offers three default categories for content:
Users can create as many as intermediate states as necessary.
Version Management
The Workflow component is also responsible for archiving all versions of content. To this end, BackBee CMS introduced an innovation: a system of seamless version management.
This system is based on the general principles of software revision control. It automatically creates a copy of the content that has been revised by the contributor. Once changes have been made, the contributor will then submit the changes. BackBee CMS will then:
    verify that no other changes have been approved in the meantime
    attempt to synthesize any other changes made
    indicate a potential conflict
    assign a new revision number to the content 
    store all versions of content
Content Definition: Nested Content 
BackBee CMS offers unequaled flexibility in how content can be defined, added, modified and moved. Content is composed of either primary or composite elements, and content can be dragged and dropped inside of other elements.


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