The definition of a route [CHK] tells BackBee CMS how it should process a request.
This route is defined by at least a URL segment (or pattern), for example: /images/.+
However it can be much more precise by using values from a possible list:
pattern: /{type}/{filename}
        type: (images|media)
        filename: .+
Or by placing specific information in the header of the request:
pattern: /
        HTTP-X-Requested-With:  XMLHttpRequest 
        HTTP-X-BB-METHOD:       JsonRpc 
The Routing component is an important element in the treatment of incoming requests and also promotes the SEO of sites managed by BackBee CMS because it has a direct hand in rewriting URLs.
As it is common for content management systems, BackBee CMS uses a front controller, which points incoming requests to the associated processing functions.


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