Responsive design concepts are native to the application.
Because of BackBee CMS' fluid grid system, fluid images and mechanisms for detecting screen resolutions, the display adapts to the terminal. BackBee CMS is the first CMS to offer the management of this grid directly from the browser.
•     Layout zones expand or shrink automatically: content is easy to read without having to zoom in or out. 
    Images self-adjust.
    The flexible grid system that supports the website makes it possible to for zones to move easily.
    Implementing this fluid grid (percentage-based rather than pixel-based) and an appropriate design will ensure that the website’s display is adapted for (almost) all resolutions.
The multitude of devices used to consult websites currently (PCs, TVs, game consoles, tablets, smartphones) poses no challenge to BackBee CMS. Front office applications appropriate and adapted to each terminal are native to the system.


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