BackBee CMS Is For You

BackBee CMS is for you if you're a :

  • • Frontender

    You can create new extensions and add new functionalities in JavaScript for BackBee CMS to make it more easy-to-use.   
  • • Designer

    Theme management is easy. Change colors, type, type size, backgrounds, logos and so on using simple pull-down menus. Templates and formatting of page elements can be adapted to your house style. See the effect of any layout revisions immediately onscreen (no preview mode necessary). Simply put, it gives you creative freedom.
  • • Editor

    You edit your pages exactly as your readers see them, so there’s no guessing whether X will accomplish Y. You can see the immediate results of your editing onscreen. Set the date and time for auto-publication and archiving. And changes are auto-saved so you can always go back to or consult an older version if necessary.
  • • Backender

    You can import the RSS flows and create new extensions in the back.
  • • Network administrator

    You can assign users different levels of access and rights (read-only, writing etc.). Privileges are based on an access control list (ACL). 

  • • Project manager

    BackBee CMS offers three default categories for content: on line, off line and archived. But you can create various status modes for your content outside of these three default settings: “pending approval,” for example. 

  • • Developer

    BackBee CMS is open source, which means you can customize the application for your needs. It has a community of PHP developers behind it to support you if any issues should crop up and is based on widely used design patterns.

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