10 Reasons to Use BackBee CMS

  • 1. You couldn't dream of an simpler CMS 

    BackBee CMS is the first CMS to use On-page Editing Technology merging back office and front office. This means you can edit your website pages and see exactly as it will appear to your users in real-time.
    You can manage text, images and any other page element simply by clicking on them. Drag and drop to move them. Clicking on an image will open a searchable media library, making it simple to replace images. Create and place page elements also by dragging and dropping, including nested content. Some actions will be familiar to anyone that has used common office software.
    In a nutshell, our fluid editing system means:
    •     An instantaneous view of modifications
    •     No extensive training or coding necessary
    •     Non-intrusive on-line editing, i.e., editing does not affect what site visitors see
  • 2. Responsive Design: It’s In the Box

    With the multitude of screen sizes and resolutions used today, responsive design is becoming more and more of a necessity. BackBee CMS' templates have got it covered. Once you create a page, the responsive design is already built in, so the site reconfigures itself to look good on anything from smartphones to a high-def TV screens.

  • 3. It’s Flexible in So Many Ways

    Though BackBee CMS is simple to use, it's not restrictive. It can adapt to your needs and your home style in terms of graphic design, workflow, SEO and user accessibility:
    •     Theme management is a breeze. Change colors, type, type size, backgrounds, logos and so on using simple pull-down menus.
    •     Templates and formatting of page elements can be adapted to your home style.
    •     The formatting of page elements can change according to where they are placed on the page.
    •     You can set the date and time for auto-publication and archiving, as well as the date and time certain articles will appear on the home page. You can also create the home page manually, by dragging and dropping.
    •     And last but not least, you can assign users different levels of access and rights.
  • 4. It’s Secure

    BackBee CMS offers great editorial security, i.e., no nasty surprises. Changes are auto-saved but not published until an explicit command is given. If you attempt to leave a page without saving it, you will be warned. And you can always go back to an older version. 
    In addition, access to certain rights, such as changing templates, can be limited to administrators, for example, and is configurable.
  • 5. It’s Open Source

    Developing and using open-source products has numerous advantages: 
    •     Security: The application is tested and corrected by a large number of users and/or developers. 
    •     Reliability: The code is open and facilitates the identification of problems. It speeds up the improvement process and makes the application more reliable.
    •     Functionality and personalization: PHP developers can suggest improvements and configure the application. There are more Contributions than on a proprietary applications. 
  • 6. Community keeps it stable                                         

    BackBee CMS created a community for anyone interested in creating next generation CMS. You can use your skills and gain experience by working in collaboration with other members (users, developers, architect etc.) in this community. 
    This community enables BackBee CMS to be tested by a large number of users. All PHP developers can suggest corrections to give the application more stability. 
  • 7. Performance

    Easily search within your site. Our powerful search engine autocompletes the query and underlines the searched keywords throughout the entire website. Which means you can find what you want in the blink of an eye. 
  • 8. Best Web Standard

    BackBee CMS is the first CMS built on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
    •     HTML5 BackBee CMS is the first CMS with 100% HTML inside, which allows you to change the content (text, image, new page elements etc.) directly on the HTML page, save data off-line, communicate in real-time, access to files and incremental uploads etc. 
    •     CSS3 makes BackBee CMS ease-to-us and intuitive.
    •     JavaScript and Ajax allow the latest functionalities.
  • 9. Workflow

    BackBee CMS helps you manage the publishing process and different versions:
    •     Publishing versions: BackBee CMS offers you three default categories of content (on-line, off-line and archived), but you can create various intermediate modes for your content outside of these three default setting.
    •     Version Management:  BackBee CMS introduces an important innovation in version control: a system of seamless version management. This system is based on the general principles of software revision control. It automatically creates a copy of the content that has been revised by the contributor. 
  • 10. SEO

    BackBee CMS has built-in tools to enhance SEO management:
    •     for rewriting URLs
    •     by entering metadata associated with the pages