What is BackBee CMS?

BackBee CMS is an open source Content Management System (CMS) with one major advantage. BackBee CMS uses On-page Editing Technology (OPE Technology) which means you can easily create and manage websites as they appear with no prior technical knowledge.


On-page Editing Technology  is the natural evolution of your usual Content Management System functionalities. On-page Editing Technology is a tool that allows you to enter, edit and manage your website directly as it appears to your users: The back office and front office are merged.



In most content management systems, you have to shuttle between the back office – a functional interface – and a “preview” mode. Only then can you see how the page will be seen by your users.


BackBee CMS' OPE Technology lets you directly do all your inputting and editing on the page that appears to your users. Therefore you get an immediate and exact idea of what the final page will look like eliminating all unnecessary maneuvers.


It's easier and more flexible than your usual CMS. With BackBee CMS' On-page Editing Technology, you can work directly on your HTML page, the page that's visible to your users. You can drag and drop page elements and move them around as you wish, adding, deleting or changing text, photos or other page elements by simply clicking on the area in question.


The majority of the editorial functions require no back office. BackBee CMS is the first CMS to use On-Page Editing Technology.


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BackBee CMS Is a Community

BackBee CMS is an open-source content management system released under the GPLv3 license. The BackBee CMS project has benefited from the dedicated work of dozens of developers since its beginnings. But we need and appreciate your contribution, including source code development, documentation and feedback. 
Getting started is easy. And check out our special sections for developers, with detailed technical information. Anything else you need to know? Feel free to contact us.


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