• BackBee CMS launches a new SaaS beta

    Based on BackBee's API, we created a new interface, simpler and user friendly to quickly get you started with your website. It requires no installation, and is ready to use for live blogging and small businesses websites!

    Learn more here

  • Github's organization made simpler

    While working with BackBee CMS, we realized how complicated and confusing it could be when trying to access our resources. That’s why we came to the conclusion that we now need a clearer and more structured organization. Read more here

  • BackBee CMS at SymfonyLive  Paris 2015 

    The new version of Backee was presented at the SymfonyLive conference in Paris on April 10th in front of 750 people.
    Introduce to many open source community specialists: Victoire CMS, Open Orchestra, Smile, SensioLoabs, Pitech +Plus...

  • Official U.S. Launch

    Lp digital participating in the ubi i/o acceleration project in May 2014 with its revolutionnary solution BackBee CMS.. Learn more about this ubi i/o,contest!

  • Leading actors using BackBee CMS

    Next Interactive Media (BFM,01 Net, RMC, RMC Sport, RMC Découverte) choose BackBee CMS for their websites!

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