BackBee CMS components

BackBee CMS uses the following technologies:

• PHP 5.4 / PHP 7: The first programming language in the world used for implementing websites, PHP introduced with its version 5, released in 2012, a real object model and with version 5.4 namespaces and traits that allow the secure development and use of the most common design patterns.
• Symfony (2.7): An open-source PHP Web application framework originally developed in 2005; version 2, though still recent, is already supported by a large community of Internet stakeholders. 
• Doctrine 2: An intermediary system of object-relational mapping to simulate an object-oriented database from a relational database, ensuring a layer of abstraction that enables the use of a large number of different database servers.
• Composer: A dependency manager for PHP, allowing the declaration of dependent libraries and their installation.

• jQuery: A multi-browser JavaScript library for developers. Its latest versions take into account the latest HTML5 advances.

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