Trademark & Logo Policy


The objective of the BackBee CMS trademark policy is
•     To encourage the widespread use of BackBee CMS trademarks 
    To control the abuse, inappropriate or unauthorized use of BackBee CMS trademarks 
    To maintain the value of the image and the reputation of BackBee CMS trademarks
If you have any doubt or if you wish to have permission for any of the uses above or for any other use which is not specifically referred to in this policy, please contact us and a member of our trademark's team will be in touch with you shortly.
If you are aware of a misuse of BackBee CMS trademarks, we would appreciate you contacting us so that we can investigate this further.
Trademark rules:
For the use of all these BackBee CMS trademarks and logos, please follow the trademark rules as below: 
1.     Do not use the trademarks for any commercial use or use for merchandising purposes. For example, use the trademarks on t-shirts and the like.
2.     Do not use the trademarks in your company name or in combined use with any other logos.
A company name like “BackBee CMS Club” or "BackBee CMS Software" is not allowed. Be sure to choose a correct name if you plan to offer BackBee CMS services with your company. 
3.     Do not use the trademarks in your domain.
A domain name like is a trademark violation. Please note that the use of a trademark without appendage is not allowed under any circumstances (e.g. BackBee.tld). The same applies for the combination with a geographic identifier (e.g. 
4.     Add a footer note whenever you use the trademarks
When you’re using one of our trademarks, add a footer note that the trademarks are registered by Lp digital system (BackBee CMS' vendor). On webpages, this note has to be linked with this page.
5.     Certifications, titles and distinctions
Certifications, titles and distinctions that contain the trademarks may only be issued by the BackBee CMS' vendor: Lp digital system. Any other usage is strictly prohibited.
Logo Usage Guidelines:
It is preferable that the BackBee CMS logos only be used in their standard form, but if you should feel the need to alter them in any way, please follow the Logo Usage Guidelines below:
    Nothing should be placed inside the area surrounding the logo
    Maintain the official logo colors
    Don’t change the font, size, case and spacing of the logo
    Don’t distort the logo (rotate, twist etc.)
BackBee CMS offers you four logos in different forms and sizes. Please use one of the logo in the downloadable versions and consult our logo usage policies here.

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